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What is the opportunity for marketing, engagement through rewards and creating play paths? Let's think about it!

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Remember when we were kids and we would get together with other kids in the neighborhood and head out to play? We didn't necessarily know what we were going to do, but we would get together and create some fun. We might end up with a game by the creek, a lemonade stand or just laying around looking at the clouds. This is the spirit with which we gather to explore the crypto-blockchain game space and the imagining of opportunities.

Join blockchain game players, as we gather informally online and talk about what we have learned, share what we see and explore how we can work together to create engaging (and understandable) experiences for our community members.  

Workshops currently (and usually rotating) on the schedule include:

What is the Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse? It means many things to many people, built in the imagination with blockchain technologies. Here are some examples and ideas for you to jump in and begin to explore and create. 

Level 1 | #metaverse

What are NFTs?

What are NFTs and why is everyone talking about them?  There are many reasons, but one is the ability to play games and build communities together. Imagine the possibilities.

Level 1 | #NFTs

Blockchain Games Overview

What is a blockchain game? How would you like to spend your day? Would part of it be in communities with friends from around the world? What might that look like? Are people really doing that?! Let's see.

Level 1 | #games

Create a Metaverse

So, I have some NFTs, now what? How do I get them to players and what do they do with them then? How do I decide on the next steps? Let's think through some possible paths and ideas.

Level 2 | #games

Communities Matter in the Metaverse

What is the best way to find players? Create and attract a community of people with similar ideas and shared values who can help to grow your community and play and extend your game.

Level 1 | #communities

How Do I Reward Players?

A big part of blockchain games theory is rewarding players for their actions. How does the average person do that? Let's see what people are doing and imagine what you could do, too.

Level 2 | #design

New! Nonprofits and Blockchain Games

Join this new #nonprofits series as we look at how nonprofits are and could be using blockchain games for donor and member acquisition, as well as engagement strategies for retention and lifelong loyalty. These innovative technologies are EARLY! 

This is the time to start learning the concepts, the ideals, how the technology currently works and to look at early experiments of what other organizations and charitable players are doing.  Let's hang out on zoom and imagine the future!

VIsit the nonprofit page www.workshop.games/nonprofit. Join workshops to brainstorm nonprofit uses of blockchain technologies, including games, NFTs, rewards and more! Request custom monthly brainstorming for your organization, too! Email community@workshop.games. 

Explore the Metaverse Together

Join with fellow explorers who want to learn where to go, what to do and why everyone seems so excited (and confused!) about the Metaverse, NFTs and blockchain games. Could you create a game?!

About Us

After working in decentralized communities for several years and seeing the benefits of using blockchain technologies to create and play games, it is fun and rewarding to share those stories as we hang out online and learn and share together. Workshop.games is a virtual space created for dialogue. If we've learned anything since 2018, it's that things are always changing and the support of each other is precious. Please request to join, and we'll tell you more along the way. 

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