Brainstorming Nonprofit Organizations and Blockchain Engagement

Brainstorming Together Uses of Blockchain Technologies for Nonprofit Organizations

Innovative Blockchain Technologies are Still Early Yet...

But, this is the time to brainstorm!

Join with blockchain game players to explore the Metaverse and brainstorm opportunities for nonprofit teams to engage and grow player affinity through these innovative technologies.

Education is the most valuable thing in crypto to many people wanting to learn about these innovative technologies. We need people who care about governance, engagement and community management of pools of resources. 

This is a good time to come together, gather and share stories about crypto and it's potential to be used as tools for marketing the good work of your organization. It’s important for people to research and learn this new space together if considering getting involved in the future and form one’s own opinions. 

Here we have a virtual flashlight and would love to do that exploring together. 

In addition to our regular workshops, #nonprofit focused workshops currently (and usually rotating) on the schedule include topics below.

Nonprofits + Blockchain

What are other projects currently doing through blockchain games and NFTs to raise money for charities?

Level 1 | #nonprofit

Games & Events

How can organizations use games to create events to engage its constituents and members while attracting new players?

Level 1 | #nonprofit


How are blockchain games reward systems opportunities to engage donors and members through gameplay?

Level 2 | #nonprofit

Event Concepts

What are blockchain game events and why are they important? How are people creating, hosting and sharing events in the Metaverse?

Level 2 | #nonprofit


Nonprofit organizations paved the way with community creation for affinity and affiliation. How do chapters, clubs and communites work in blockchain?

Level 3 | #nonprofit


How does blockchain empower communications professionals in nonprofit to engage and reward audiences.

Level 3 | #nonprofit

New! Nonprofits and Blockchain Games

Join this new #nonprofits series as we look at how nonprofits are and could be using blockchain games for donor and member acquisition, as well as engagement strategies for retention and lifelong loyalty. These innovative technologies are EARLY! 

This is the time to start learning the concepts, the ideals, how the technology currently works and to look at early experiments of what other organizations and charitable players are doing.  Let's hang out on zoom and imagine the future!

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Join workshops to brainstorm nonprofit uses of blockchain technologies, including games, NFTs, rewards and more!

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Explore the Metaverse Together

Join with fellow explorers who want to learn where to go, what to do and why everyone seems so excited (and confused!) about the Metaverse, NFTs and blockchain games. Could you create a game?!

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After working in decentralized communities for several years and seeing the benefits of using blockchain technologies to create and play games, it is fun and rewarding to share those stories as we hang out online and learn and share together. is a virtual space created for dialogue. If we've learned anything since 2018, it's that things are always changing and the support of each other is precious. Please request to join, and we'll tell you more along the way. 

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Let's get together with your team each month and brainstorm blockchain, games, NFTs and more!

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